To all our followers and supporters, We apologize in advance for not keeping up with our blogging. Stay tune!!!  Cycling and much more still remain a big part of our lives.  We look to come back with things to share and talk about.  Keep us in mind and stay positive. Much Love, Stephanie A.

Hey Everyone, I hope everyone’s week went smoothly and headache free. If not, take a moment and inhale and exhale. First and foremost, we want to welcome the spring, it has been long overdue. We apologize in advance for not posting as frequently as we have in the past. A lot has been going on […]

Seasons Greetings My fellow cyclist the year has come to an end and resolutions are in check.  As a recreational cyclist with hopes of excelling beyond my expectations, I have reconciled 2013 and have come up with new inspirations.  I am focused on staying fit and dedicating my time increasing my endurance and speed.  Honestly […]

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” ~ Nelson Mandela This week many mourn the death of an iconic global figure, Nelson Mandela.  Mandela was a courageous leader that helped […]

It’s 5 p.m. and I’m finally ready to walk out the revolving doors when I see nothing but darkness.  The streets were filled with yellow cabs, the street lamps lit the streets, and everyone was walking the same direction as I was (to the train).  Finally it dawned on me…winter is approaching.  Although I knew […]

Good Morning, To follow up with our previous blog, I think everyday should be a day to remember the veterans.  To my partner in crime GREAT BLOG!. If you live in New York expect a busy, busy life.  Living here requires a lot of patience and time management skills.  That’s why they say it’s a […]

Today is a day to celebrate and honor the U.S. veterans for their patriotism, their love of the country, and their willingness to serve. This past Saturday, I watched the movie, “12 years a Slave”. The film symbolizes the importance of freedom, hope, strength, and survival. Veterans who fight for our country fight for all […]

Good Morning, Hope everyone’s weekend was good.  I know for me it was pretty busy and memorable.  This weekend we celebrated a union between two special people.  Congratulation Jonathan and Bobby!  Now, I can say that I am beat and exhausted, it’s time to recover.  Which brings me to the main topic, Recovery. Recovery is […]

Although it is not the Halloween yet, Saturday was my Halloween celebration :-).  Thanks to my cousin and her partner, I celebrated my first Halloween party ever!  As a kid, I would get the “we can’t celebrate it because of our religion” speech, or “this day is evil”.  Yes….it was that serious at home.  After […]

There is certainly an international love for bikes!  It was my first trip to Italy and I fell in love!  I don’t speak the language like a local, but I can definitely engage in a conversation (if you spoke slow enough lol).  The minute I landed into Florence and Rome, I knew that I stepped […]


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